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In this second book in The Magnolia Series, Steele Austin finds himself in the middles of a murder investigation.  In the process the infidelity of one of his closest priest friends is uncovered.  When he brings an African American priest on the staff, those antagonistic to his ministry find even more creative methods to rid themselves of the young idealist.  Then a most interesting turn of events changes the African priest's standing in the congregation.  A young associate undermines the rector by preaching a gospel of hate, alienating most of the women in the congregation and all the gay and lesbian members.  The book closes with a cliffhanger that will leave the reader wanting another visit to Falls City, Georgia and Historic First Church (Episcopal).

You need to put a warning label on your novels.  May alienate spouses and injure ribs!  We didn't speak to each other for two days.  One while I read When The Magnolia Blooms non-stop and another when she did the same.  Not quite true - we each quoted a great portion of it to each other.  Thanks for a hilarious two days.  Oh yes, hurry up with the next one."  Gene Holly - Las Vegas, Nevada.

"I think When the Magnolia Blooms is fabulous.  I was reading it at Panera and I realized people were looking sat me becasue I was laughing so loud."  Becky Michelfelder - Delaware, Ohio.

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