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Would you believe that in just a matter of a few weeks your pastor and his family could be abused, humiliated and unemployed?  In just a matter of days your parish could be split down the middle?  A couple of months from now up to forty percent of the people you currently see at worship could no longer be there?  Close to half of those will never again attend worship or participate in any church.  Friends that you see talking and laughing this Sunday may never speak again.

The substance of this book is based on twenty-five case studiesof clergy that were attacked by a small group of antagonists.  The antagonists successfully "removed their senior pastor".  This book describes how it happened, what could have been done to stop it, and what can be done to prevent it from happening to your pastor and parish.

"I just want to say that your book describes to a "T" what happened to me last year.  I resigned because it was clear that the antagonists, all four or five, had gotten themselves enough power and it wasn't worth the struggle; they managed to undo in four months what I had done in 2.5 years."  A female priest in The Episcopal Church.


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