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Those Episkopols 

It has been called the "unofficial handbook of The Episkopol Church".  3,000 parishes routinely use it in their new member ministries.  With humor and insight Doctor Maynard explains why we have a church that simply will not accept simplistic answers to complex questions.  

"I use your book every year with our inquirers.  They plow slowly through the other material I give them, but most have read your book and enjoyed it within the first couple of days."   Paul B. Roberts, priest, Dahlonega, Geourgia

"Just wanted you to know that I have been an Episcopalian all my life and your book, 'Those Episkopols', made me proud to be an Episcopalian."  Suzy Roper, Lay Person, Wichita, Kansas

"We order 'Those Episkopols' by the case for our inquirers and confirmands each year.  That little book makes far and away more sense to me than many statements of purpose/faith.  I am reassured in reading it that yes, I am an Episcopalian ... and still want to be."  Gale Cooper, Priest, Charlotte, North Carolina

"I have read 'Those Episkopols' and have found it to state absolutely correctly the reason that I am an Episcopalian and the reason I will not leave the Episcopal Church even in the turmoil we are in."  Betty Dietz, Lay Person, Raleigh, North Carolina

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