The Last Magnolia - Book Ten
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All your favorite characters have returned for your tenth visit to First Church and Falls City, Georgia.

Bishop Sean Evansand his partner, Rabbi Eze Dolan, face new threats of being outed.

Colonel Mitchell rallies a large group of supporters to  attack the ministry of Father Steele Austin.

Chadsworth Purcell Alexander reaches out to Steele for help andrisks having his identity exposed.

Steele and Randi must decide how to punish Virginia Mudd Willoughby.

The Reverend Melvin and Judith MacClaren return to Falls City and raise over a million dollars in one night.

Elmer Idle and Rose MacClaren receive a wonderful surprise.

Steele and his good friend, The Reverend Josiah Williams, confront an act of racism directed at them.

Almeda Alexander Drummond hosts a wedding reception you don't want to miss.

And, Virginia Mudd Willoughbylives in fear that her husband will discover her secret sins.




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