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Father Steele Austin's vulnerability increases even further when he uncovers a scandal that will shake First church to its very foundation.  In order to expose the criminnal, he must first prove his own innocence.  This will require him to challenge his very own bishop.  The sexual sins of the wives of one of the parish leaders present a most unlikely pastoral opportunity fo the rector.  In the face the ongoing attacks against him by his antagonists, Steele Austin is given the opportunity to leave Frist Church for a thriving parish in Texas.

"I did nothing else for a day and a half but read your first novel.  Then I got up at two o'clock in the morning to start the second one.  It is a wondeful story, beautifully written, and it moved along quickly.  I didn't want it to end!  The characters became real to me.  I now fear getting your third book.  Once I do, the world will have to stop turning while I read it.  I can't wait."  Nancy Cathcart - Austin, Texas 

"Not that I am hooked, but when will book three in your Magnolia Series be available???"  Nancy Sinclair - Surfside, California.

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