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Packet Includes Study Guide and 9 Books

If you have known sleepless nights because of another person's betrayal, callousness, or insensitivity, then this book is for you.

If you have been the object of ridicule or discrimination because of your race, sex, age, height or weight, then this books is for you.

If you have suffered the indignity of verbal or physical abuse; if you have been humiliated by another who chose to use their position, wealth, or status to control and manipulate you; if you have ever been reminded of your "place", then this book is for you. 

This book is about our need to forgive those who have injured us.  This book encourages us to leave the past in the past and resolve never to bring it to the present again.  This books is about letting go of the hurts that continue to take their toll on our bodies and our souls.  It is about beginning again.  This book is for you.

Over 2,500 clergy have used this book to do forgiveness training in their congregations.  The book helps the reader understand that forgiving those that have injured them is one of the greatest gifts they can give themselves. Forgiveness is a process and Doctor Maynard walks the reader through each of the steps in that process.   It also helps the reader discern the difference between forgiving, reconciling, and restoring those that have hurt them.

"We have 35 people in the class on Sunday morning!  Lecture is 15-20 minutes and then we break up into three small groups to apply and discuss the questions.  The Wednesday Men's Breakfast has also found the material very helpful with lots of meaningful and deep sharing.  Arnold Bush, Priest, St. john's Parish , Pensacola Florida

"I sent a copy of your forgiveness book to a rector in Jamaica, the West Indies.  He has recommended it as core reading for Anglican Seminarians!"  Sandy Wilson, Priest, St.Andrew and Holy Communion, South Orange, New Jersy.



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